Current Surveys

Source: AS

South Baltic wide interviews with passengers and port and ferry operators

This summer passengers on the ferry routes Gdynia-Karlskrona and Rostock-Gedser were interviewed regarding their attitudes on service infrastructure given in respective ferry ports. To analyse the current situation from the customer perspective is essentiell to improve conditions for foot passengers, to develop cross-border passenger traffic to a comfortable, cheap and environmental friendly alternative to travel within South Baltic Area.

First results gained in Rostock has been presented during a meeting of port, ferry and public transport from Rostock and Guldborgsund end of September. Beside basic results regarding service infrastructure and quality results will be taken to estimate the potential for bus shuttle in Rostock.

However, Prof. Dr. Martin Benkenstein, director of the Baltic Institute of Marketing, Transport and Tourism and responsible for the study in Rostock, stated 3 success factors:

  • concerted and transparent passenger information regarding the new offer
  • the opportunity to purchase ferry and bus tickets online
  • flexibility in case of delays.

Pararallely a service related benchmark study has been started. The survey, carried out by PLANCO Consulting Ltd., investigates ferry ports regarding transport connections, facilities, service infrastructure- and quality and handicapped accessibility for walk-on passengers. The aim is to identify best practices and deficits as well as to define minimum requirements for walk-on ferry passengers. The benchmark prepares the basis for improvements regarding foot passenger traffic in INTERFACE ferry ports.

Results of both surveys will be presented at INTERFACE workshops and provided online on INTERFACE website in 2011.

Source: LRP

Slawek Slawek: has been working in Sweden for 2 years, and are travelling regular with the ferry 2 times a month.
“It’s easy to get to the ferry terminal with local bus from the city centre, and I think that the ferry terminal is more pleasant now and serve its purpose better after the rebuilt.“

Source: LRP

Anita och Hans Wasell: Anita and Hans travelled with car from Trollhättan where they live. They are going for a short trip Gdynia. It’s the first time they are travelling with the ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia.
“We have parked the car in the long time parking area close to the terminal building. It was really easy to get here by car on account of well placed signs the whole way. We appreciate that the car parking is close to the terminal building and that the checking in procedure was so smooth and easy”

Source: RS

Karl Heinz Schönfelder:
Karl- Heinz Schönefelder from Rostock always wanted to take the ferry passage from Rostock to Gedser. Today he aims to investigate the danish neighbour region. To achieve the port he used local train and bus services. "I would highly appreciate a shuttle bus to the ferry port. Waiting times and travel time would be much shorter then."

Source: RS

Regine Hunold:
Regine Hunold spend her holiday in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. She came by car from Heiligendamm to visit Rostock before she continued her journey to Denmark. It is the first time that she use the ferry connection to Gedser. "I would leave my car if there would be a bus shuttle from the City to the Terminal. That sounds like a good idea to me!"