Concept note for new project: Promoting and expanding the use of Real-Time on Ferries in the South Baltic area (RTF)

Real-time on Ferries²


According to the title the new project aims to further promote and expand the use of real-time on ferries, namely in two mayor aspects:
•    Geographically – as the use of real-time information should be established on new ferry routes (beyond Rostock- Gedser)
•    User group – as the use of real time for fright will be a special focus of the new project  (beyond passengers)

In this way, the Interface Initiative is continuing its course but it will set new accents with this new project idea. The latter is the result of extensive dialogue, consultation and exchange during thematic workshop about real-time information of ferries in Rostock and further talks. Please find here a first project sketch.

During the next weeks and month first ideas will be further elaborated- in close dialogue with the Joint Technical Secretariat of the South Baltic Programme, possible partners and beneficiaries of the project.