Dynamic passenger information for Rostock – Gedser – Nykøbing axis takes shape

Partners consolidate concept and define next steps at meeting in Copenhagen on 31 Oct 2012


The creation of the dynamic passenger information system (DPIS) for the cross-border passenger transport chain Rostock – Gedser – Nykøbing picks up pace. The technical- organisational outline on the Danish side and in a cross-border perspective has been consolidated and the work plan for its implementation further specified. INTERFACE PLUS partners from Germany and Denmark met for this purpose in the premises of the public transport provider for Zealand region / DK, Movia Traffic Cooperation, on 31 Oct 2012.

The meeting marked the next step in setting up the cross-border system. Main focus so far was to shape the concept for the German side of the transport chain and the incorporation of the Scandlines ferries. Now, the complementation on the Danish side and the interfaces between the Danish and the German system has been defined in more detail. Special attention is paid to link the DPIS with other Danish passenger information systems, which already exist or will be created in the near future. Of benefit will be especially the envisaged integration with www.rejseplanen.dk, a Denmark-wide information portal on public transport. This allows displaying also information on connecting connections e.g. to Copenhagen on the screens that the INTERFACE PLUS partners will set up along the Rostock – Gedser – Nykøbing axis.

Thematic working groups will lead the further work process in Denmark and in the cross-border perspective. They involve relevant experts respectively and focus on different aspects of the technical and organizational implementation of the DPIS, like e.g. the design of the displays, the purchase of hardware or the data interface between German and Danish side.