Expert study explores potentials to improve the ferry links between Poland and Bornholm

INTERFACE PLUS partners commissioned Danish and Polish ferry consultants


Nexø Seaport and the Municipalities of Ustka and Darłowo have commissioned an expert study to further develop the passenger connections between Poland and Bornholm. The Danish consultancy firm Inzights A/S will lead the exploration of viable ferry concepts and operating frameworks for the services. The involvement of Polish experts ensures that specifics of both the Danish and the Polish ferry and tourist markets are considered in this course.

The results of the study are available in February 2013. They will lay ground for further actions of the INTERFACE PLUS partners and negotiations with ferry operators to improve transport offers between Poland and Bornholm. The strategic focus is to encourage the re-launch of the currently suspended passenger services from Nexø to Darłowo and Ustka as well as an upgrade of the Nexø – Kołobrzeg link for the 2013 season.