INTERFACE PLUS promotes liaisons between businesses from Poland and Bornholm

Kick-off for maritime cluster building activities in Darłowo / PL on 6 Nov 2012


Along with upgrading the ferry services between Poland and Bornholm, INTERFACE PLUS helps maritime businesses from Darłowo, Ustka, Kołobrzeg and Bornholm to meet each other and to establish cooperation. The kick-off for the establishment of local and international maritime clusters that shall facilitate this process was an international seminar that was held in Darłowo / PL, on 6 Nov 2012. Around 20 representatives of public authorities and private companies from Poland and Denmark joined the event.

As introduction, experts from the business support networks “Business Link Greater Copenhagen” and “Maritime Cluster Denmark / Bornholm Maritime Development Centre” reflected experiences from cluster building efforts in Bornholm and Denmark. The lectures provided the ground for discussing the scope of liaising activities in the framework of the INTERFACE PLUS project. The feedback of business representatives from Poland to the planned measures was positive. A closer cooperation of port-related businesses at local level, as it has been started with the maritime cluster on Bornholm and the “Port Business Board” in Kołobrzeg, is needed and desired. Closer contacts to companies on Bornholm are considered helpful to create new business opportunities.

The creation of the maritime clusters within INTERFACE PLUS proceeds with local seminars in Nexø, Darłowo, Ustka and Kołobrzeg in April 2013. They will inform resident companies about the business environment on Bornholm and in Northern Poland respectively, in preparation of the INTERFACE PLUS business-to-business liaising tours in May / June 2013. Those will give companies from Darłowo, Ustka and Kołobrzeg the opportunity to visit counterparts on Bornholm and vice versa.

Please click on the following links to find a summary of the meeting and the presentations of Lars Albæk (Cluster Development Bornholm, Business Link Greater Copenhagen) and Lone Reppien Thomsen (Bornholm Maritime Development Centre).