Rostock/Nykøbing: Experiencing the real- time passenger information system Rostock- Gedser –Nykøbing

INTERFACE PLUS Final Conference & Official Opening of real-time passenger information system Rostock - Gedser - Nykøbing took place on 25 & 26 March 2015


Finally, it´s done: The real-time passenger information system Rostock- Gedser- Nykøbing is in operation. Sufficient cause for us to celebrate this effort together with partners and associated organisations, experts, companions and further interested parties.  It is well known that success takes many forms, and this adage also applies to INTERFACE PLUS. Speakers articulate it in their interventions: “Hard work and only possible through the commitment of various actors” (Günter Gladisch, Project Manager INTERFACE PLUS),  “Success story - as the INTERFACE INITIATIVE led to concrete and graspable project results” (Jakub Mazurkiewicz, representative of South Baltic Joint Technical Secretariat Gdansk and many years contact person for project matters) or “A novelty as different systems have been broad together and across national borders” (Christian Pegel, Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Regional Development of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)- just to name a few.

Starting with a festive evening event on 25 of March, the official opening ceremony was carried out on 26 of March 2015 as “flying event” following the whole travel chain from Rostock (DE) to Nykøbing (DK) including a Scandlines ferry trip. Involved partners and experts described background and technical solution on the spot: at passenger information screens, inside buses, on board of the ferry, within the ferry terminals on both sides and - finally at the railway station of Nykøbing.

If you want to learn more about the origin and the progress of the project, we recommend reading the press release which has been published before the event.

The project officially ends on 30 April- however, the conference but also previous thematic workshops have shown that the real-time system for ferries (implemented as pilot solution between Rostock - Gedser and Nykøbing) opens up many further application possibilities, which go far beyond its current scope and scale. This means, that the INTERFACE Initiative will not stop at this stage, it rather aims to address new challenges.