Darłowo: New passenger terminal opened

Opening ceremony & inauguration cruise took place on 27-28 April 2015


The construction of the new passenger ferry terminal in Darłowo is finalised. Under presence of Arkadiusz Klimowicz, Mayor of Darłowo, and Krzysztof Kozieł, owner of the ferry company Kołobrzeska Żegluga Pasażerska (KZP), as well as more than 60 further stakeholders from the city and the region, the official opening ceremony took place on 27 April 2015. On the day after, the Municipality of Darłowo invited representatives from the tourism sector for an inauguration cruise to Nexø / Bornholm. It saw a fully occupied ferry “Jantar”, with its passengers to be the first who experienced the new terminal and further increased comfort on the line.

The new terminal in Darłowo completed the measures for upgrading the ferry services between Poland and Bornholm / Denmark within in INTERFACE PLUS project, which started in Oct 2010. Following the modernisation of the terminal in Nexø in 2013, now both ends of the connection Darłowo - Nexö and thus the whole transport chain will offer high standard facilities for the passengers. In the 2015 season, the ferry operator KZP will carry out six sailings on the line, which was re-opened in 2013 thanks to the efforts within the INTERFACE PLUS project.