What dynamic passenger information do travellers on the axis Rostock – Gedser – Nykøbing need?

Contents and design of information displays discussed at working group meeting in Rostock on 28 Jan 2013


The creation of cross border dynamic passenger information system (DPIS) for the cross-border passenger transport chain Rostock – Gedser – Nykøbing continues. At a meeting in Rostock on 28 Jan 2013, a cross-border working group discussed what dynamic information should be provided to passengers at inside and outside displays, which will be placed at different sections along the transport route between Rostock Main Station – Nykøbing Main Station.

For instance, passengers will receive the information on next best bus connections available in Gedser or Rostock on board of the ferries. At the train stations in Rostock and Nykøbing – hence long before ferries departure and before entering the bus to the ferry terminal – they will be informed, if the ferry departs in time. In case of a delay, the travellers can thus decide already at this stage, if it is better to directly start the journey – or if there may be sufficient time to take a coffee or purchase any last minute supplies.