Please find below a compilation of articles on the INTERFACE initiative and improved services for foot passengers on ferry lines in the South Baltic area:

Interface initiative press

Nexø wants car ferry to Poland (TV 2/Bornholm, 17.04.2014)[more]

Nexø does marketing in Poland (Bornholms Tidende, 28.03.2014)[more]

Regular journeys from Darłowo to Bornholm in the summer season (, 17.02.2014)[more]

New passenger terminal for Darłowo (, 14.02.2014)[more]

Nexø signs cooperation agreement with Polish towns (Broadcast on TV 2/Bornholm, 23.08.2013)[more]

Polish visit to Nexø (TV 2/Bornholm, 23.08.2013)[more]

Interest for cargo ferry to Nexø (Bornholms Tidende, 16.05.2013)[more]