Please find below a compilation of articles on the INTERFACE initiative and improved services for foot passengers on ferry lines in the South Baltic area:

Interface initiative press

"Catamarans again between Gdynia and Baltijsk" (Dziennik Baltycki 24.02.2011).[more]

"Small Border Traffic with Kaliningrad District" (Gazeta Wybrcza 24.02.2011).[more]

"First steps towards car ferry connection between Nexø and Northern Poland." (DR, 21st of January 2011)[more]

"Car ferry to Nexø." (TV broadcast on TV 2 on 21st of January 2011, 12.10)[more]

"One step forward towards car ferry connection to Poland." (TV 2/ Bornholm, 21st of January 2011)[more]

"South-Baltic Programme: Official start of Nexø - Polen project." (EU update!, Nr. 2, January 2011)[more]

"Nexø port meets INTERFACE PLUS project partner in January." (Bornholms Tidende, 23rd of December 2010)[more]