Please find below a compilation of articles on the INTERFACE initiative and improved services for foot passengers on ferry lines in the South Baltic area:

Interface initiative press

"Closure of ferry connection to Rønne raises opportunities for future car ferry connection to Nexø." (Bornholms Tidende, 21st of December 2010)[more]

"Development of ferry routes between Poland and Sweden, conclusions from the debate of the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Municipality Gdynia." (biznesnafali, 16th of December 2010) [more]

"Scandlines pushes the implementation of new ships and port development projects in the Baltic Sea Region." (tourism Insider, 9th of November 2010)[more]

"City Darlowo wants to have a new passenger terminal." (, 27th  of October 2010)[more]

"New passenger Terminal in Darlowo." (Radio Plus, 19th of October 2010)[more]

"New Passenger Terminal in Darlowo." (Radio Koszalin, 19th of October 2010)[more]

Will there be a new passenger terminal in Darlowo? (Spedycje 18th of October 2010)[more]