Please find below a compilation of articles on the INTERFACE initiative and improved services for foot passengers on ferry lines in the South Baltic area:

Interface initiative press

"Darlowo wants to build a passenger terminal at the port."(Money. pl, 18th  of October 2010)[more]

"Darlowo: A new passenger terminal will be  build. (, 17th of October 2010)"[more]

"Zachodniopomorskie Province. Darłowo wants to build a passenger terminal at the port." (,15th of October 2010)[more]

"INTERFACE PLUS- one of ten approved projects within South Baltic Programme." (Ostseezeitung, 1st of October 2010)[more]

Grants from European Union for projects concerning flight and ferry traffic. (EU Update, Nr. 18, September 2010)[more]

"Only 40 kilometres far from here. First steps done to improve regional integration between Hanseatic City of Rostock and Guldborgsund Municiplaity." (Mayor Roland Methling in his speech to the City Parliament on 9th of...[more]

"Flowers for mayors John Braedder (Guldborgsund) and Roland Methling (Hanseatic City of Rostock). Danish reader complimented their engagement on tourism packages in Rostock and Nykøbing." (Folketidende, 6th of...[more]