Further market analyses carried out

Ustka and Darłowo investigated motivations to take the ferry from and to Bornholm


The Municipalities of Ustka and Darłowo commissioned further analyses in relation to the passenger services between Darłowo / Ustka and Nexø. They were to find out how to motivate people to go by ferry from Poland to Bornholm and vice versa. More than 3.500 tourists and residents were interviewed for this purpose in Bornholm, Ustka and Darłowo during the summer season 2011.

The results of the surveys, which were carried out by the Polish company DPConsulting, underline that a day trip to Bornholm is an attractive option for tourists that stay in the Polish seaside resorts. 95.1 % of respondents in Darłowo and 81.7 % of respondents in Ustka consider such a ferry travel as tourist attraction as such. However, related passenger potentials may have been only marginally tapped in the past. Only 67.3 % of respondents in Darłowo and 90.1 % of respondents in Ustka were aware of Bornholm’s main attractions. The knowledge about Ustka and Darłowo among interviewees on Bornholm was on a very low level, too. DPConsulting concludes that especially local campaigns promoting one-day-sailings to “the other side” can be suitable tools to mobilise additional costumers for the ferry lines.

Please click on the following links for downloading the complete reports on the survey for the routes Darłowo – Nexø and Ustka – Nexø.