Ustka prepared the grounds for re-opening the line to Nexø

Market studies and “ready-to-be constructed” passenger terminal available for interested operators


The durable re-establishment of the line Ustka - Nexø stays on the agendas of the Town of Ustka and the INTERFACE initiatives. In order to attract and help ferry operators in opening a line to Bornholm, the whole set of background studies and planning documents prepared within the INTERFACE PLUS project is made available for interested parties.  

The materials include
-    a market analysis on passenger potentials
-    a study on possible operating models for the service
-    the technical documentation for a new passenger terminal in Ustka, which thus could be constructed at short notice in case of interest by an operator.

The Ustka – Nexø line saw promising passenger figures and high occupancy rates of the ferry in 2013, in which the M/S “JANTAR” of Kołobrzeska Żegluga Pasażerska (KZP) re-opened it on a trial basis. Despite the proven potentials, however, KZP finally decided to maintain the likewise tested connection Darłowo – Nexø in addition to its core service Kołobrzeg – Nexø, as thenight transfers of the “Jantar” from Kołobrzeg to the closer Darłowo are easier to handle.

If you would like to get further information and documents, you are very welcome to contact Jarosław Teodorowicz from the Town of Ustka (