Rostock - Gedser

New information boards in Rostock to promote the Danish neighbour

What´s up on the islands Lolland and Falster? What are upcoming events and what are activities recommended? Since summer 2012 tourists can get useful information about Danish partner region via screens at the tourist information,...[more]

Interface awarded 2nd place in project competition at South Baltic Annual Conference in Schwerin

New posters display the achievements on the axis Gdynia– Karlskrona, Rostock - Nykøbing and tasks to come[more]

Foot Passenger Requirement Surveys

Over 3.000 Interviews with (foot) passengers in South Baltic Between summer 2010 and spring 2011 (foot) passengers on the ferry routes Gdynia-Karlskrona and Rostock-Gedser were interviewed regarding their attitudes on services...[more]

125 years ferry connection Rostock - Gedser

INTERFACE celebrates the anniversary with a huge cross-border event[more]