INTERFACE started in April 2009 and lasts until March 2012 (36 months). Activities in the project are organized within 5 working components. Component related activities run parallel and are linked to each other.

Component 1:

Management and Coordination

The first component comprises all activities ensuring efficient implementation of the project supported/ carried- out by Project Coordinator and Financial Manager in close cooperation with the Lead Partner.

Component 2:

Communication and dissemination

INTERFACE uses publicity to guarantee a broad awareness of the project and its results by the general public as well as by politicians and decision makers. The central communication tool for the partnership and beyond will be the project website. Beside general facts on project and achievements so far users find here information on recent events and activities. Project will be accompanied by several public relation activities.

Component 3:

Develop SBA Ports to Modern Service oriented Hubs for (intermodal) cross-border Passenger Traffic

Activities related to this component aiming at optimising the adjustment of port infrastructure to (foot) passenger requirements travelling cross- border without car. Studies on passenger requirements and a benchmark studies on requirements of passengers in selected SBA establish the basis for improvements. According to the different transport axes, measures for improvements will be summarized in action plans, of which selected will be implemented within project life time. (achievements so far)

Component 4

Close gaps between SBA ferry ports, the port cities and their hinterland

Activities in this Component tend to accelerate interoperability of passenger transport in SBA. Harmonized services & better communication between different passenger transport operators and improved passenger guidance are central results to be focused on. In this context different tools and instruments will be developed and partly tested. The improvement of accessibility for handicapped by public transport means will be one problem to be tackled. (achievements so far)

Component 5

Cross-border traffic and regional integration

Harmonized traffic connections and improved services as results of activities carried out in Component 3 and 4 need to be promoted in order to operate efficiently. Thus Component 5 focuses on developing and implementing long-term offers to generate additional cross- border passenger traffic within SBA. These offers will be oriented on different target groups and developed in collaboration with different experts. (achievements so far)

A brief description on the project you find here.

INTERFACE is part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Funds).

For more information to the South Baltic Cross–border Co–operation Programme 2007-2013, please click here.