EUSBSR Priority Area Coordinator Transport commends INTERFACE PLUS


On 28 April 2015 INTERFACE PLUS project coordinator Björn Gabler met in Stockholm with Thomas Erlandson, Priority Area Coordinator Transport of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy. The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) aims at reinforcing cooperation within the Baltic Sea region in order to face several challenges by working together as well as promoting a more balanced development in the area. The Strategy is divided into three objectives which represent the three key challenges of the Strategy: saving the sea, increasing prosperity and connecting the region. The objectives guide 22 Priority Areas and horizontal actions, which are specific areas for macro-regional cooperation. One of the main actions of the Priority Area Transport is to facilitate efficient and sustainable passengers and freight transport solutions in the Baltic Sea Region.

Main aim of the meeting with Thomas Erlandson was on one hand to share the results of INTERFACE PLUS, in particular the international dynamic passenger information system, and on the other hand to discuss possibilities for further diffusion and use of them in the Baltic Sea Region. As main result of the intensive dialogue it can summed up that the results of INTERFACE PLUS project were very positively received. The project tackles one of the key challenges of the transport system of the Baltic Sea region – the improvement of the interoperability between different transport modes. The provision of real-time information can make an important contribution to better coordinate international transport in the passenger but also in the logistics sector. In particular the most innovative feature of the pilot solution developed in INTERFACE PLUS, real time for ferries, opens up many further application possibilities at other ferry connections in the Baltic Sea region as well as for further target groups. Accordingly expanding the use of the system would be in line with the goals of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy. In particular it fits very well to the aim of facilitating a harmonised traffic information framework via Intelligent Transport Systems, which will become a main priority in the updated action plan of the EUSBSR, that is currently under way. Finally, Thomas Erlandson recommended that the process of further upgrading and extending the system in the Baltic Sea Region should be accompanied by targeted promotion activities in order to show the benefits and potentials of the system to a wide group of users and beneficiaries and thereby improve acceptance / reduce scepticism. It was agreed with Thomas Erlandson that the further development of the approach will happen in a close dialogue.