Interface awarded 2nd place in project competition at South Baltic Annual Conference in Schwerin

New posters display the achievements on the axis Gdynia– Karlskrona, Rostock - Nykøbing and tasks to come


The Annual Conference of the South Baltic Programme was this year held in Schwerin at 29 November 2011. After the official part selected South Baltic projects were given the opportunity to present their results during a Projects Exhibition. In total 15 projects joined he exhibition and promoted the achievements of the South Baltic Programme and the benefits to the regions. As a result of the competition organized during the exhibition, INTERFACE project was awarded with the 2nd place.

One main element of the INTERFACE presentation were three posters which display achievements on the axis Gdynia - Karlskrona and Rostock - Nykøbing showing intermediate results and tasks to come.

Please have a look at the poster by clicking the following link: Gdynia - Karlskrona, Rostock - Nyköbing, Interface Project