Dear Friends of the INTERFACE Initiative!

Proudly we present the first joint newsletter of the INTERFACE initiative in which you find information about latest news and results of our projects INTERFACE and INTERFACE PLUS. Please enjoy reading! 
With best wishes 

Andreas Schubert (HanseaticCity of Rostock, LB INTERFACE)
Günter Gladisch (Public Transport Association Warnow, LB INTERFACE PLUS)

Internet presence of the INTERFACE initiative re-launched

The internet presence of the INTERFACE initiative saw a major refit in April 2012. ...more

Foot passenger films promote Gdynia & Karlskrona

Spots in Gdansk TV during European Football Championships ...more

Joining forces for promoting Bornholm to Polish tourists

INTERFACE PLUS meets tourist businesses from Bornholm. ...more

Nexø - Fishermen sheds turn into cottages

Reasonably priced accommodation for tourists from Poland ...more

Darłowo - Planning of the ferry terminal proceeds

First renderings of the new building. ...more

Rostock - More Danes should discover the Hanseatic City

Workshop of tourism experts and retail industry in Rostock March 2012 ...more

Welcome to Trelleborg! Willkommen in Trelleborg!

New signs for foot passengers in Trelleborg ...more

Karlskrona - Feasibility Study for expansion of public transport between Karlskrona City & port

Express bus - only economically viable option ...more

Schwerin - INTERFACE 2nd best project exhibition at South Baltic Annual Conference

New posters display the achievements on the axis Gdynia– Karlskrona, Rostock - Nykøbing and tasks to come ...more

Darłowo/ Ustka - Nexø - Joint search for ferry operator

Partner meeting for axes Darłowo / Ustka – Nexø took place in Gdańsk. ...more

125 years ferry connection Rostock - Gedser

INTERFACE celebrates the anniversary with a huge cross-border event ...more

Darłowo/ Ustka - Further market analyses carried out

Ustka and Darłowo investigated motivations to take the ferry from and to Bornholm....more

Rostock Port - New Signage for better way finding for foot passengers

Findings of INTERFACE benchmark study considered in the new ferry terminal in Rostock port ...more

Karlskrona - Take the bus into town and continue by train to Sweden

Blekingetrafiken, Karlskrona City and Stena Line have developed new passenger information material and combi-offers ...more

Gedser - Port renovation started

Construction is embedded in Gedser Master Plan developed in INTERFACE ...more

Gdynia - New Shuttle Bus between City Centre and Stena Line Ferry Terminal at Gdynia Port

Comes along with new public communication system schemes ...more

Future events

+++ 14.08.2012 - INTERFACE PLUS: Meeting of Danish-Polish marketing group in Nexø

+++ 25.09.2012 - INTERFACE: Final Conference in Rostock