INTERFACE directly focuses on:

  • Upgrading service environment of SBA ferry ports, terminals and harbour surrounding areas with special focus on (foot) passengers,
  • Facilitating accessibility of ports and public transport in interface areas for people with reduced mobility,
  • Improving cross-border interoperability (harmonized timetables, services) and communication between ferry traffic and traffic operators linking SBA ports with the city centres,
  • Implementing intermodal passenger information systems in connection to cross-border transports between SBA cities and regions,
  • Preparing necessary investments to close gaps in the transport infrastructure in interface areas,
  • Promoting (improved) cross-border passenger connections between SBA cities,
  • Initiating additional activities / events with cross-border relevance on different levels (tourism, education) to induce more cross-border exchanges,
  • Raising political awareness and build up cross-border traffic operator networks


Target groups mostly benefiting from INTERFACE are:

  • Cross-border passengers (commuter, tourists) through Development of smooth and comfortable (intermodal) connections representing attractive and/or cheaper alternatives to travel cross-border as well as improved service quality at interfaces
  • Handicapped passengers through setting of standards for improved accessibility of traffic means in cross-border traffic
  • Traffic operators and ports through gaining new customers and generating additional revenues achieved by established networks, harmonized connections and improved service level
  • SBA cities and regions through the enhanced number of new customers (e.g. visitors, commuters, students or other customers) targeted by promotion and special tickets, to be developed within and beyond INTERFACE