Bus connections in Gedser adjusted to ferries

Source: FD
Source: AS

New improved bus time table took effect in 26 June 2010.

The new time table means that when the ferry from Rostock arrives at Gedser Harbour there will be a public bus waiting at the harbour quay driving passengers to Nykøbing.

Before 26 of June, the ferry passengers would have to walk to Gedser town square and wait up to an hour for the bus. Now the time table is improved so that passengers can go directly out of the ferry and into the waiting bus which is leaving at full hours.

Travelling from Nykøbing to Rostock is also much easier now. The bus from Nykøbing will arrive at the Gedser Ferry harbour just next to the Scandlines ferry about quarter to full hours at the same time as the ferry arrives from Rostock. Currently there are yearly about 100.000 foot passengers travelling between Gedser and Rostock. However, most of these passengers are not using public bus between Gedser and Nykøbing, but own private car or tourist busses.

It is the intention that the improvement will increase the total number of travellers and will make people shift from private cars into public busses. These improvements have been possible due to a close cooperation between public transport association Movia, Scandlines and Guldborgsund Municipality and promoted by the INTERFACE project.

“These improvements of the public transport are important and make it so much easier for Danes to visit our neighbouring city of Rostock – and also for Germans to visit us. I hope that many from Rostock will use this opportunity and visit us” says John Brædder, Mayor of Guldborgsund Municipality.