Boat connection established between Gdynia and Baltijsk

Source: JU
Source: AS

Maiden-Voyage made end of September

On 25th of September Zegluga Gdanska celebrated its maiden-voyage from Gdynia in Poland to Baltijsk in Russia. Robert Lałala, Manager of Zegluga Gdanska,  is very pleased that the connection could be established now. Also stakeholders from both sides, appreciating the route due to its potential in the field of tourism and business, are happy about this successl. For now the service will be offered once per week- one additional departure per week is envisaged for November

All involved parties need a long breath until new connection could be implemented. Already in May ship owner and terminal building in Gdynia were ready to start the service. But due to formal regulations and technical problems the implementation had to be postponed. In August 2010, INTERFACE partners founded a task force together with stakeholders from local administrations, business and tourism associations from Gdynia, Pomerania, Baltijsk and Kaliningrad region. Together they aim to overcome given obstacles and develop programs for tourists.  To attract more visitors, it will be also necessary to improve landside accessibility to/from the Port in Baltijsk. Currently there is no public transport available from Baltijsk to Kaliningrad. Stakeholders will provide programs using alternativetransport solutions.